Curtains and Draperies are wonderful elements at home, which greatly enhances the ambient and style of the living environment, while also functions as protection from sunlight, filter from air borne particles, and your home privacy


Grommet / Eyelet Drapes

Grommet curtains use rings embedded in the header to serve as the guide for the curtain pole. The rigidity of the grommet helps form well-defined, even pleats. Choose from our collection of antique brass or satin nickel finish that will perfectly compliment any color and look.

Pleated Drapes

Pleated panels are a classic style of drapery and they never go out of fashion. There are different drapery pleat styles our team can help you can choose from to give the exact same appearance and functionality you require.

Ripple fold Drapes / Wave Curtains

Ripplefold drapery is becoming vastly more popular every year due to its modern and visually appealing look. The ripples in the curtains are created by chosen carriers corded together to create that consistent wave and the gatherings you desire.

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